speaker advice required for home cinema


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Hi there

Wonder if anyone can help with a query?
I've just ordered a jvc th-sw8 - the one with the wireless rear speakers (A wife-pleasing solution on hardwood floors!)

I don't have any previous experience with a sub/sat set-up, but I was wondering if you actually need to use the front speakers provided with the system?

At the moment I've got a pair of floor-standing Eltax numbers as part of my normal audio set-up which I've had for a few years and which I like the sound of.

Can I just use them instead, or does having a pair of speakers like that in use kind of defeat the purpose of using a sub?

Or are the speakers provided the only ones you can use with the system, ie. non-standard connections to the amp or whatever?

Any advice gratefully appreciated.



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You need a sub in your home cinema set up, it is the .1 of the 5.1 set up. Tricky one with the speakers, they would have to match the back ones to make the 5.1 sound blend in together.

JVC's website may show the type of speaker connections it has for its home cinema, different companies use different methods. You could try contacting JVC giving them your speakers' specifications to see if they would be all right plugged into your new home cinema kit.

I added two Wharfedale hifi speakers to an amp which was attached to my Denon 500 to provide 7.1 sound. They were the same wattage as the Denon ones and they have blended into the system fine.


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Thanks for the reply wicket.

I was actually still planning to use the sub, just leave the two speakers I have in place at the moment where they are instead of conecting the front two from the JVC unit, and use the rear ones provided with the set.

Is that then overkill? Will the sub, combined with a couple of meaty floorstanders not work together?


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I don't know. It would depend, at a guess, what the wattage is, that the amp is sending out to the speakers. To match the back speakers all the specifications would have to match.

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