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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by digitalfailure, Jan 3, 2007.

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    I'm currently in the middle of a room reshuffle and after swapping the old 32" crt for a hang on the wall panel I've been able to change the placement of my front and rear speakers.

    I was pretty much set on getting 5 B&W M1's and wall mounting them as they sounded OK in the hifi shop's demo room, but after talking to another shop in an attempt to get some for a home demo they suggested that my current (old) speakers would be better suited to a mix of music and movies.

    The current L,R speakers are Tannoy 632's mounted on Atacama se24 stands and the center speaker is a yamaha ns-c110 with the rear sound being taken care of by jbl control 1's

    The rears can't be used now as room layout demands high mounted rears, so I need smaller and sexier speakers to fit in, with the ability to point downwards slightly at the listening position so the white M1's may well get used for that :)

    I like the idea of saving a bundle and using the Tannoy's, but I also quite liked the thought of wall mounted speakers and having a wee bit more floor space.

    The amp and sub are both a few years old now, but they do evertything i need them to do at the moment, they are a Yamaha DSP 3090 and a REL Strata (original!)

    feel free to add speakers to consider, but i don't like the visual look of the Kef range, so discrete and white would be ideal......gloss black L,R at a push.

    heeeeeeel me please before I commit :suicide:

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