Speaker Advice needed plse??


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Please can someone please help me with advice on speakers/sub?

I have read all the magazines and they have confused me ten fold!!

I am planning to buy the Pioneer AX10iS and the 868AViS

However to make the most of this equipement I have no idea what speakers/sub to go for!?!

Space is limited - so I was thinking of the KEF eggs 2005.2?? plus they're reasonable priced! But am I limiting the amps potential?

Can someone please help - I'm planning to audition the kit before I buy, but I would appraciate suggestions so that I do not get sucked into sales man jargon when looking to buy.



Ian J

The £2,000 Pioneer amp is really designed to be used for much better speakers than the KEF Eggs and I would suggest that if you like the Eggs you think of buying something much cheaper to drive them with, like a Denon 38** or similar.

EDIT If your budget for amp and speakers was £2,800 I would be inclined to swap the budget around completely and spend £800 on an amp like the Denon anyway with the £2,000 being spent on the speakers.


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Thanks Ian,

I had a feeling that it was case!!

With this in mind, what would be ideal speakers for the ax10, within a reasonable price?

last part of the jigsaw!!

EDIT - just saw your reply Ian, what £2k speakers are there that are not too bulky?


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how about the Kef 5005s or the new Monitor Audio Radius series. The Eclipse is better than the Eggs and funkier to look at.
What about Castle, they do a nice package.

Agree with Ian, the Eggs wouldn't do the amp justice. Find a good dealer and see if you can try different sets at home.

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