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right here is the plan im looking to buy the Onkyo 605 and am looking for the right speakers to go with it. I have no real clue when it comes to speakers but i have been looking round this forum and know that i will want 5.1 with floor standing front left and rights, nothing to large for the centre and satellites for the rear speakers.

I’ve heard a few brand name going round but what is the best set up for movie watching. For prices I am looking to spend up to £500 (if possible – oh and hopefully this should include a sub)

Rest of the set up consists of Samsung PS50CQHDX Plasma using a Toshiba HD-E1 DVD player.

Thanks in advance


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Thanks for that. I didn't realise that you could get packages with the amp included. that first link looks promising, little over budget but what the hey lol.

Have you heard these in action? (or anyone else)


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You can save abit if you buy seperately, ie the Aego T's at say http://www.laserlinehifi.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=65394&gclid=CKn-q4iSno4CFQVEMAodjiyrSQ
= £565 & elsewhere, and standard £400 for the 605. = £965 vs £1058 http://www.creative-audio.co.uk/HCS_ONK605_AEGOT.htm

Sure you get a few (high RRP) cables thrown in i suppose. I always prefer buying them seperate where you know what you're getting! I am looking at the exact same system as above hence throwing about prices:rolleyes:

Haven't heard them them yet tho - on the to do list! Oh and i got the E1 too - love the PQ for dvds - bargain isn't it!?


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You could try AV stores that stock AE's http://www.acoustic-energy.co.uk/Where_to_buy/WALES.asp
Ring first to check they have them on demo.
Then take along your favorite DVD and CD, one's which will show off a speaker system to its full potential.
You never know they may also stock the Onkyo and try and price match.

I heard the AE's at the Bristol Hi-Fi show and they where stunning, far better than the Kef's 3005's, but then again the Kef's have just been upgraded.


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Thanks very much both will have to get myself down an AV shop soon to have a blast :D


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It seems the Sevenoaks Sound & Vision in cardiff is no more, but the audio-excellence store was just down the road from me in my student days so should still be there. Will be down there next weekend, hopefully there might be a demo set up. I wonder if they'll price match the Aego T's from online sources - hopefully. Their site doesn't seem to list prices.
Onkyo 606 seem pretty solid price-wise so will prob buy from them.

Thanks for the heads up andy:smashin:

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