Speaker Advice? Gallos? Klarity's? Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Jenz, Oct 11, 2002.

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    I'm looking at changing my audio in my home cinema room. In truth I have had many tell me that whilst my Video is stunning my audio is not *ahem* upto the same levels.

    Therefore I'm looking at replacing the speakers and also possibly the Amp.

    Currently I have a Yamaha DSP-A2 feeding Mission 77 Series speakers. The speakers fitted my budget of the time and I haven't felt the need to change them. They are supported by a REL Q100E Sub.

    However recently I must confess to be intrigued by the Uncle Eric Power Buy Anthony Gallos as they would be asthetically pleasing in the room plus would allow me to wall mount etc. I would probably keep my Rel (? - Views?).

    I have also been interested in the Stands Unique Klarity range having been offered an excellent price for them and they too could be wall mounted.

    For Amps I'm not to sure... I have a definate requirement for Component Switching and have been looking at the Denon range.

    However I have also been told a good poweramp connected to the existing A2 would be far more beneficial...

    Anyone have any suggestions? I would prefer to stay below £3000 for the Amp and Speakers. Less if needed... (got my eye on a 911 ;))

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    Its going to be a big jump to see any difference.

    I think you shoul start with the poweramp as that will make more of your existing speakers, I think that you will need to spend at least £2K on the main 5 to hear much of an improvement. You'd be better off buying something that is being discontinued but was once expensive, maybe some of last years kef reference or celection A or C series, all can be picked up at a bit of a steal compared to their launch prices but that doesn't make them bad speakers.

    Keeps more money for the 911 too:D

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