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Finally after a turbulent time with our Local Council starting in July and finally ending in December we got planning permission for an extension which is going to include a dedicated cinema room.

My current set up is-
Denon 4300H
Kef Q500 fronts
Kef Q200 center
Kef Q400 sub
Kef Q ageing dipole surrounds

Screen or projector

Not sure on this one, but will put the provisions in for a projector so the room is future proof, but imagine I’ll end up with a 65/75 inch screen on the wall. For me personally it’s more about getting the sound right.


I’m planning on using my kef Q500 fronts , Q200 Center and Q400 sub in conjunction with my Denon x4300H receiver.

I’m looking for advice and opinions on the ceiling , rears and surround back speakers as ultimately I’d like to go 7.1.4 .

But to to give you an idea of my plans ..
To start with I’m going to use my Denon 4300 (9.2channel) until I can trade it in for a 11.2 receiver with a view of wiring all the ceiling and rear speakers to speaker plates in the data cupboard so depending on the films sound format I’d be able to then switch between 5.1.4/7.1.2/7.1 (the recalibration each time would not phase me.)

Or would the advice be to stick with 5.1.4 until I’m ready to upgrade the receiver and purchase the pair of surround backs then?

Has anyone any experience of these termination plates or advice regarding them?

Although they’re expensive I’m thinking the Kef ci200rr-thx would be an excellent speaker for the Atmos duties and would hopefully be a very future proof option. £475 each ( £1900)

For the rears and surround backs I’m thinking on the lines of the Kef ci4100ql-thx as they will be built into the walls. £400 each (£1600)

But for this price I could look at a pair of Kef R300 and a pair of Kef R100 and use wall brackets?

As ultimately several years down the line I’d like my fronts and center to be from the R series.

I do get blinkered by Kef as I fell in love with my first experience with them when I got my first set some 14years ago which I still have the dipoles in use in my current set up.

For what I’m looking to spend (£3500) on the ceiling/rears/surround backs could anyone recommended a different brand or range I should be trying to demo/look into or am I on the right road with what I’m thinking?

Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

My dream cinema room set up is going to take a few years to get to my end goal as it would be too expensive to do everything at once especially with the cost of the extension.

Data cupboard to have all devices
Thick carpet and underlay.
Parge render coat to masonry walls followed by knauf sound 15mm plaster board dot and dab.
Additional set of ceiling joists one course lower (75mm) than the main joists with insulation lapped over and under.
Daughters bedroom is other side of the house.
Walls/Ceiling to be dark.
Acoustic treatment to walls tbc/probably leave until room is complete and see what’s needed.
Laminated glass to the window to be tinted plus black out blind or curtain.
Rebated fire door opening outwards for security and sound with a raised threshold.

If you’ve read this far and not switched off by now... thank you for your time.

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