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im really hoping some kind soul will be able to offer some advice ....
I’ve been saving up for an AV system - but I’m now confused ....

I have already bought over the last few years 5 Anthony Gallo A’Diva Ti speakers and a very nice sub ...
The room setup will be sofa against back wall - TV mounted on the opposite wall - distance between the 2 walls isn’t big - 15 ish feet

Plan was to wall mount the speakers - as things have moved on since I last looked - I’m now considering an Atmos setup ...

My novice question - is will it matter that the ‘rear’ speakers and the rear atmos speakers will be located on the back wall above reach other? Same with front speakers ...
As the sofa is right up against the back wall it make speaker placement difficult ....

Also - any recommendations for potentially 4 extra atmos speakers to complement the Anthony gallo speakers I’ve already bought ?

Many thanks in advance for you help

Best wishes



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I have two Cambridge Audio Minx speakers set up just in front of the main listening position just below ceiling height on the side walls. Angled towards the seating area. They're small, can be angled quite sharply downwards using the official wall brackets and can be picked up for around £60-£80 a pair. Ideal for my space as the room is quite narrow so they're fairly "overhead" without having to go the full in-ceiling route. The other option was to mount them on the front wall above the front speakers but the overhead effect was better from the side given the lack of width in my room. I'm far closer sitting to the side walls whether they're placed now, at height, than high up on the front walls.

The purists will say they need to be directly overhead but I have demo'd some upfiring ones also and still think my rather crude setup is better for height effects. As long as your height speakers are quite a bit higher than your surrounds, it'll improve things for sure. I've noticed a bit difference. I'm sure 4 in-ceiling overheads would be better still but we all have to make the best out of our situations.

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