Speak Cable Recommendations For Dedicated Cinema Room


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Does anyone know if this is any good for a dedicated home cinema room set up

Amazon product
i'm not sure if spending £10 or £100 is going to make any difference, I don't always believe that spending more gets you a better product. For example I also found this

and this

but does the extra 2 cores of 16 make any difference in reality?

My knowledge for speaker cables is literally, does it pass sound, Yes!!!!! My current speaker cable for my lounge is just a single core but if it's going into the wall I I want to get it right first time!

Any help or advise is much appreciated



Joe Fernand

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Speaker cable - tends to get shrouded in marketing guff.

You basically require enough copper to carry the power you will be supplying and the copper to be pure and consistent.

The cable you link too looks a little thin unless you have very low powered speakers/short cable runs - 2x2.5mm is our norm for any Cinema system we install.

‘HiFi’ speaker cable tends to be configured as a ‘shotgun’ cable, 0-0 when you look at the end of the cable which means the cable only wants to bend in one direction.

‘Install’ speaker cable is usually configured as a twin axial cable, 0 with the two conductor bundles within the overall outer jacket which allows the cable to bend in all directions.

Our preferred options are VanDamme Blue Series 2x2.5mm or Samson Black Series 2x2.5mm.

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Helix Hifi

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In a cinema room I guess you need 2,5 meters to front speakers and perhaps 5-7 meters to other speakers. If that is the case I’d chose 14 gauge to the front speakers, particularly if they are between 8-4 ohms. Same goes for the other speakers. Let’s say you chose 16 gauge, “then” you may experience “that” the sound doesn’t sound as loud as 14 gauge. But in real life it’s difficult to tell! If you install 16 gauge cables, you’ll probably be fine. If you wanna go overkill, then 12 gauge is very good. I’d google resistance, speaker lengths online if you’re uncertain.
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IWC Dopplel

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If you can squeeze in 3-4mm sq+ then worth thinking about, cable does make a difference just avoid the overpriced branded offerings if you can. Vanne Damme, Sharwire and a few others are competitive I tried Monoprice an swapped it out on my subs, the Belden 5000 looks interesting Speaker Cable at Blue Jeans Cable for reasonable money.

Some cables benefit from capacitance and hence the spacing Joe highlighted (eg naim cable)
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