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I ave an Asus mobo with a spdif output. I also have a tag AV32R processor which has digital phono inputs. I want to send digital bitstream from the PC to the processor and can't suss out how to do it.

I need a cable about 10m long if not a bit more but I have a drum of shielded coax (sattelite coax) from when I installed my Sky. Can I use that and if so, what connectors or adaptors do I need on each end? Can anyone give me links to such things? I'mconfused about the sereo/mono aspect of the spdif out on my soundcard.



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The signal can be sent easily using a 75ohm Digital Interconnect lead usually RCA at both ends (much like the ones available from Mark in the Power Buys section) if your gonna put your own together the cable needs to be 75 ohm. Only other thing is to make sure your software is set to SPDIF output within Windows and your Tag should pick the signal up no problem.

If you want some info on making up your own cable look HERE in fact check out the whole site its an interesting read.


I thought you said the motherboard had SPDIF output? Which motherboard is it exactly? If it's the A7n8X, the SPDIF is the yellow phono (RCA) jack.


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From memory its only the Deluxe versions of the Asus boards that come with RCA SPDIF on board.
Steve if the yellow RCA connector is not there as jsmurray says you need to buy something like this.
My Gigabyte board is sold with 'SPDIF' output, but its on a separate breakout board that plugs into the motherboard and then fits in an opening where the PCI cards are normally situated.
It's a p4p800-vm as here:


Says it has a spdif output. I think it's one of those that doubles as a standard stereo out. It's not a full size RCA socket if I recall correctly. Can't actually get to the back of the PC at the mo without major removals. I think it's 3.5mm like most PC sound card outputs.

I also have a Creative SB 1024 Live card which I want to put in and that has the same thing, a mini-jack that they say is a spdif. You have to activate it in software. In fact, even the Via itx board I am typing this on has a minijack that you can jumper to turn it from a stereo out to spdif.

I can't be the only person who has one of these?


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Looking at your motherboard link, within the specification it lists :

Internal I/O Connectors
2 x USB 2.0 connector support additional 4 USB 2.0 ports
S/PDIF out connector <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Game/MIDI port connector
CD / AUX audio in
CPU / Chassis FAN connectors
20 pin ATX Power connector
4 pin ATX 12V Power connector
20 Pin Panel connector
10 Pin Intel Front Panel Audio connector

In the main write up it only list a "SPDIF Interface" this interface is probably on the motherboard and not on the back panel.:(

this would lead me to beleive you need the breakout board as listed in my link above. It is strange that a board of that standard didnt come with one in the first place though.

Couldn't be 100% sure but I don't think you will get SPDIF out of the mini jacks........


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Originally posted by Stereo Steve
Yep, checked the manual and you're quite right. I'll see if I can get hold of one. Thanks all.

Did you(or anyone else)manage to get hold of 1 cos I havent been able to?:(


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Noone got any ideas where I can get 1 of these?Seems weird that I cant get 1 anywehere in the UK and cant find anywhere that will deliver here:thumbsdow

Ive e mailed ASUS and am waiting for a response but if anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated.


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Hi there,
I had exactly the same issue, needed the SPDIF riser board for an ASUS A7V8X-MX mobo. Couln't find anywhere online so called the ASUS UK helpline listed in the manual (they are based in Milton Keynes). Spoke to someone there & explained I couldn't get one anywhere online in the UK & they said they would post be me one for £5.00, cheque only.

As I was eager to get hold of it & lived only 40mins away they agreed to let me come down & pay cash.

Got it back worked a treat, no problems what so ever (after remembering to set the output in windows to SPDIF out rather than 2 channel :blush:).

Hope this helps.

Big Adam

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I have the P4P800-VM too. Great board! :smashin:

Picked up my asus spdif header bracket from Komplett. Cost me £8.00 but is the best version which comes with an RCA and an optical output.

Not sure if they still sell them.

Big A


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Thanks for the replies,I actually sent ASUS an e mail a couple of days ago and theyve sent me a contact number for the uk office who should be able to help.

Seeing as its so difficult to get hold of the module in this country you would think that they would just supply it with the board:mad:


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if you need co-ax sp-dif output then just build a bracket. it's much cheaper lol

i had to do this recently for my nf7-s. They only have optical digital but i needed co-ax. So i ripped the backplate off and old soundcard and bought a panel-mount rca socket from maplins for around 50p. conected it up to the header on the motherboard and presto - a working co-ax bracket:)


Just thought i'd pass this onto all you guys in need out there. If your mobo and/or soundcard has an onboard spdif output then the adapter you need can easily be obtained from maplin and the order code is N86AN. I have a poultry creative soundblaster 4.1 digital with spdif output in my spare computer and it works great using this adapter. Of course you will need the necessary cable to join it to and all i used was a phono to phono. Hope that helps?


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Steve (or anyone else)


How did you get on? I have been using SPDIF via 10m toslink from an Asus P4PE mobo (Analog Devices SoundMax chip) for a year or so and have never been able to overcome the following problems with PCM sound;

1. the first second or so of a sound, e.g. a windows noise or the start of an MP3 gets cut off. It's as though the AV32R has to relock the input each time.

2. when playing a WAV or MP3 there are intermittent loud cracks like a deep scratch on a record. The line level analogue outputs sound fine.

AC3 playback is fine.

Any of this sound familiar? Suggestions appreciated.


Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I've just finished building my HTPC, only to discover that the S/PDIF bracket I'd managed to get hold of (proper ASUS one) doesn't fit the motherboard!
I have the ASUS P4P800-VM, and the connector is totally different from the ASUS spdif bracket I have (the picture in the manual is different too)

Originally posted by Mr Jason B
Thanks for the replies,I actually sent ASUS an e mail a couple of days ago and theyve sent me a contact number for the uk office who should be able to help.

You wouldn't happen to still have that number would you? I emailed ASUS before ever buying the motherboard so I would have everything ready, and never got a reply. Wound up getting the bracket I have from Ebay.

I want my digital sound! :(

Thanks for the help,

Keir Turner.

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