Sparrows and Roofing works


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I have been given the task of sorting out how to go about getting our gutters, softfits and fascias updated on a 1930 's semi. The existing stuff could well be original and is in terrible repair. We have a small colony of sparrows nesting mostly at the back of the house within the roof cavity but sometimes on the side also and I am a bit at a loss as to how to get things sorted.

I love the sparrows being there but we cant put off these works forever.

I assume fixing up external nesting boxes would be a good start but seeing as they never seem to move out I am guessing they will need some persuasion to move and obviously appropriate timing will be important.

Has anyone got experience of how to deal with this?

Thanks for any advice forthcoming


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There's an important distinction between nesting & roosting. If they're there all year round then they're roosting, but they may also be nesting from the spring onwards. If they are nesting then you've left it too late to start any work now as it's actually illegal to intentionally disturb nests.

At least that gives you plenty of time to make enquiries/seek quotes for replacements. Any responsible supplier should be able to advise when the work can safely be carried out when the nesting season is ended.

Once they're dislodged from roosting they'll move on to somewhere else.


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Thanks for the replys.

I am more than happy to wait until after the breeding / rearing season. My main worry is they will not move down from the roof cavity into the nesting boxes and go for good.

I was hoping someone might have done something similar that had worked

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