Sparkly snow when there was none before


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Hi all,

I've just changed my Sky digibox for a Sky+ box and all is ok except that the terrestial pictures from the RF have now got sparkly snow which wasn't there with the digibox.

I've checked all the obvious things like connections and connectors but it makes no difference.

Anybody got any ideas or suggestions please?


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bypass the sky box to make sure that it is not just a bad coincedance...

if not there then it is down to the tuner/bypass of the digibox.




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Thanks for the quick reply.

Yeah, stupid me, I should have tried that, I'll do it tonight but I don't think it will change as I did literally no more than take the RF out of the old box and into the new; no force or pulling, just out and in.

Any other ideas?


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Those RF "fly leads" are rubbish. The slightest tug breaks the wire inside.


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wandgrudd said:
is the new sky box set to out put on the same rf channel as the old one?

Also make sure the RF channel is the same on the TV. If it is OK through the Ariel you could try different RF channels between 29 and 68 any one might give you a better reception (but you have to set up the TV and the sky box)

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