Spare Shure e4c Small Sized Buds going for the price of an SAE.


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Thanks to Shure sending me a brand new set of e4c's to replace the pair I broke <see here> I now have a complete extra sets of buds and bits.

Having bucket ears of a size close to a small volcano. The small sized buds, both the soft rubber and hard silicon are just lost amid the ear wax and were never used. So instead of collecting dust, I might as well share the generosity of Shure and give the spares away.

I have 2 pairs of small rubber buds and 2 pairs of small silicon buds.

All you need to do to get a pair is PM me with your choice of rubber or silicon and I will send you my postal address. Then just send me an SAE and I will return the SAE with which ever buds you've requested.

So hopefully, 4 other members here can benefit from my muppetry.



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Very civil of you mate. :smashin:
Shame I don't want any.

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