Spanish version in Indiana Jones american DVD box

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by cribeiro, Oct 26, 2004.

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    A Spaniard in Germany
    Hi Peole!

    I know that the original US version of the Indiana Jones pack contains spanish subtitles and spanish version.
    I have the chance to get it in ebay, and I think I will buy it. I personally prefer the original version without subtitles (with subtitles when it gets complicated :) ), but my mom will surely be grateful if she can listen to it in spanish.
    Now the question is, which spanish? In America, usually mexicans are dubbing movies to spanish, so colombians, mexicans, argentinians, etc, can watch the movie in mexican spanish. But usually in Spain we get our translation with "spanish spanish"... Although it can sound strange... Sometimes, specially with cartoons, we get mexican translations, and that might make it funnier (Ice Age is better in mexican spanish, I watched both)... But Indiana Jones in mexican... uf! I can't imagine it! You know, if his voice is not his voice... Then it is not the same.
    So, after all this dissertation, the question is, does anybody know if the spanish version in the american dvds of Indiana Jones is mexican or spanish?

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