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A Spanish friend is currently a NTL cable subscriber but misses her old Spanish TV. Sounds like it would be a lot of hassle for her to change her provider and maybe go to Sky then upgrade the dish to get European TV.

With that in mind, is the only other option to get a stand-alone dish for European TV?

Does anyone have any reasonably priced recommendations for good equipment/installers that would fulfill this need?

Chris Muriel

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FTA satellite receiver coupled with an 80cms dish + LNB is what you need (for most of UK) ; as a previous reply said, you need the dish pointed at Hispasat at 30 degrees west (for reference , Sky is at 28 East).

If you go to
you can see the FTA (Free To Air) channels shaded in yellow.
In case your friend is easily shockable, be aware that some of these channels show some interesting "biological education" programs from 11 PM or midnight (11.615H multiplex especially).

Chris Muriel, Manchester.


Heh, "Triple X" and "Canal 69 Latino" sound interesting too.
Thanks for the info guys.
She lives in Orpington, Kent and has an empty loft that it could go in. Do dishes like this have to be mounted outside?

Does anyone have any names of companies that might do the installation? I've found one so far and that was £300 just for the dish/box (no installation).


The dish won't work in a loft. It needs to be outside in line of sight of the satellite. Hispasat is roughly 30 degrees east of due south. The precise azimuth bearing depends upon your location in the UK. Azimuth for Orpington is 223 degrees, and angle of elevation is 22 degrees.

If you have a compass you can work out the position of Hispasat and see if there is a suitable location on a south facing wall or pole in the garden.

It's easy enough to put up a dish and wire the lnb. Just a case then of running the lead to the digibox. You will need a compass and a cheap satellite meter which you can buy for about £25. You'll save the cost of having someone come to install the dish.

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