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I currently have a Silver Ticket AT PVC-weave screen. 120" & I sit ~9ft or so away. Mostly okay, but I can see the weave pattern when I try and I know it's not an ideal screen for picture quality.

Saw some info about Spandex, read quite a bit but a lot of the info seems old & with broken links. And it's hard to discern if people are going Spandex because it's better, or because its perhaps cheaper and more customizable. Could you help me with some of the basics?

  • Would a DIY Spandex screen be a noticeable picture quality improvement vs. the Silver Ticket PVC-weave AT screen?
  • Would it be noticeably brighter? The Silver Ticket AT PVC-Weave screen produces a very noticeably dimmer picture vs a normal screen.
  • What is the best spandex to buy for this & from where?
  • Could you give me the basic process? IE: 2 layers of X-type and 1 layer of black Y-Type stretched to have no waves, but not any tighter.
  • I have a 6 year old Silver Ticket standard non-AT screen & frame I would probably prefer to repurpose for this; could that easily be done?
  • Any other notes of wisdom on this project?

Some notes:
  • room is light controlled.
  • I live in the Phoenix area, in case that's relevant for local sourcing, but I prefer to order everything for delivery if possible.
  • Picture Quality is more important to me than sound quality, but room layout & using a tower as a center means an AT screen is a must.
  • Currently using a Sony 40ES, but will soon be getting an Epson LS11000 or 12000. May continue to run the 40es for long HD-only days, like NFL Sundays to maximize the lasers life.

Thanks for any help you can provide on these questions!

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