spam/security help please


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i have been getting emails from a company zoomlensworld

a google search shows they are spammers and my Zone alarms security treats them as such and puts them to one side

is there a way to block them completey

also when i shut down my pc i was getting a box up about a ZL program.. end program didnt bother me cause i thought it was zone alarms but now i think it could be these lot again

my internet security is all up to date and scanned and picks up nothing ,antivirus the same

any help would be great

tempted to click their unsubscribe box but think this may give me a world of pain

just to add zlclient.exe is running in my processes

to add again tried to close it down and not allowed is this zone alarms or these doggy spammers


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NEVER click the Unsubscribe box, never ever ever. not once. nada. don't.

Spam filters your only answer unless you change addresses. once you got on the spam mailing lists you can't get off...

As you have no spyware or virus infection from the sound of it is there any real problem. if this is your only source of spam then you ain't doing bad.

Figuring out how they got your address and then stopping it happening again maybe worth a go.

if you have your own domain name then you can have lots of addresses and set up some pretty effective spam filtering,


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Does your ISP stop the spammers, I am with BTInternet and within the web mail access I can switch on their Spam filter. Upshot is Outlook never gets any Spam as it is stopped at source/by BT.


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I had a client who enabled the BT spam filter.

Upshot was they lost business as it hid real emails from potential clients :eek:


You could try speaking to the Abuse team at your ISP, they can try to block it there for you.

The only other options is to block it locally. Unsubscribing does not really work, unless it's a reputable company.


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