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Hi I hope this is in the correct area

Yesterday I had an e mail from my son in law which was from his Hotmail account with the subject RE: Hi Ya. now I did not think anything of it so I opened it, then I saw it was spam (Normally i delete all spam without opening but this one got me)

With words like

Hi I would like to introduce you to this company that deals with electronic parts(all text no graphics) then the was a couple of links (which I did not click) I closed the mail and deleted it straight away, I then did a full scan using Norton Internet security 2008 and Spybot both came back as clear

Did I do the right thing? And is my system clean?

Thanks for the help in advance, i have informed him and he had said that he did not send it, so he may be infected.....Possibly
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Every day I get a lot of e-mails like that..............although Norton and Spybot say the system is clear it isnt always the case.

On my PC if i open e-mails like that a few days / weeks later my PC starts to act oddly and the PC eventually slows down to a snail's pace and halts.

Then i have to reformat, re-install every thing and then things get back to normal but the attacks don't stop and if I'm not careful they re-infect the PC if i open another e-mail.

People who do this are extremely clever and cunning, they can make these viruses/trojans by-pass Nortons etc and still muck up your PC.

Once opened they will open a "back door" which will by-pass your firewall and defences and allow people access to your PC.

I'm not trying to scare you, i'm talking from personal experience as my PC has been attacked countless times and gets mucked up a lot.

Best thing is for you to re-format and re-install stuff on your PC, that way it will be 100% clean.

Change your e-mail address, Ask your son-in-law to change his e-mail address and delete his hotmail account so who ever got access his hotmail address can't use it again to bug you........

Ask your son-in-law to re-format and re-install stuff on his PC.
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