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I have been receiving a lot of unknown and spam calls on my O2 contract mobile at anytime of the day or night (02:00am in one case) for the past week:( . Is there anyway to block or stop this happening?.


I got these almost daily on O2.

Most of them were offering me upgrades and seemed to know when I was due for an upgrade... the only way they could know this is if O2 told them, however when I called O2 about it they said it was nothing to do with them which I dont believe. When I called to complain I was actually told by an O2 CS advisor that there's very little they can do and that the best way to stop them is to be "quite rude".

Hmm... still doesnt explain where they got my number or how they knew I was due for an upgrade :mad:

This happened with my girlfriend on Vodafone too... she was getting up to 3 or 4 calls a day so called Vodafone who were adamant that she must have gave her number to someone... they said the only way to stop it is to register the complaint with the police... this was until she told the number was a Vodafone number! "Oh were sorry ma'am, it's actually a number from our marketing department, we'll get it stopped right away". Bloody scheisters.... straight up lies!

Then... 1 day into my 2 week old Orange contract (with a brand new number) I get a call asking if I'm happy on Orange. I told them that I will be happy if they leave me alone and that I'd only had the phone a day.

Vultures... I know they've got a job to do but when that job is annoying people then I simply have no time for them.

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