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I have a pair of Tannoy Dc8t speakers, which at the moment are all packed away as I'm having some work done.
When I set them back up i'll be using new cables with spade connectors speaker end but i can't find out which size spade connectors I need 6mm/8mm ?
Any help would be much appreciated


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Have you already brought the cables


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Just wondering why spade connectors rather than banana plugs that’s all


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or bare wire


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or bare wire
Indeed only I real issue with bare wire more chance of a bit of stray wire shorting things out Unlikely but possible and banana plugs are convenient once done. The only reason I’d use spade connector is if the speakers were hard against a wall


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Spade Connector like this are pretty easy to install, and fit most Binding Posts even larger ones -


These are Sewell Deadbolt Spade, and Sewell also make Deadbolt Banana Plugs, both very easy to install on speaker wires -

For some reason 6-Pair is more expensive than 12-Pair (6pr = £35. 12pr = £28).

Here are the same, but not the same brand, Spade Connectors -

Here is a demo of how easy it is to install the Spade or Banana Connectors -

Search Amazon-UK for -

Banana Plugs -

Most commonly Banana Plugs either use the Deadbolt Compression fittings or they use Screws to hold the Speaker Wire in. If you get the screw-type, make sure it has two screws. Sewell Silverback and Nakamichi are good choices. On rare occasion, you find Solder-Type Banana Plugs.

Spade Connectors Speaker Wire -,k:Spade+connector+speaker+wire

Sewell Silverback Banana -

Nakamichi Banana Plugs -

If you buy wire from AudioVisualOnLine, they can add the speaker cable (spade or banana) Terminations to the wire for a small installation cost.

Using this as an example, Fisual S-Flex Studio Grade 2.5mm²x2, 3 Meters (~10ft), Spade on one end, Banana on the other -

Fisual S-Flex Studio Grade White Speaker Cable 2 x 2.5mm - Speaker Cables - AudioVisual Online - UK Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists

With Fisual Surefix Terminations (Banana/Spade) - £23.50 per Single Cable -

With QED Plasic AirLoc Terminations (Banana/Spade) - £25.50 per Single Cable -

They used to have that Fisual S-FLex wire in black, but it doesn't seem to be listed, but you could call or write and ask about the same wire in Black.

As to the size wire, that depend on the length. For most people 16ga or 1.5mm² is fine for short lengths. But 14ga or 2.5mm² are not that much more, so that is what most people buy.

If you want to put your own plugs on, then the Van Damme Blue is highly regarded and reasonably price - 2x2.5mm² -

Van Damme Blue Series Passive Speaker Cable

And yes it is blue, though perhaps not a bright as the photo makes it seem.

Enough for two 3m cables is £19.60 (7m)

There is a Van Damme Black 2x2.5mm² -

Van Damme Black Series Passive Speaker Cable. 2, 4, 8, 16 & 18 core

Again enough for two 3m cables with spare would be £19.18 (7m).

There are many other options, you just have to determine how much you want to spend -

AudioQuest SLiP-DB 14/2 Grey Installation Speaker Cable - Speaker Cables - AudioVisual Online - UK Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists

£28.00 per single Cable, 3m, Fisual Surefix (spade+banana)

£30 per single Cable, 3m, QED Plastic Airloc (spade+banana)

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To measure the Terminals on your speakers, a simple Plastic Caliper, available at most Hardware and Building Supply/Remodeling Stores is not that expensive -

Even a Metal Digital Caliper is not that expensive -

I think I have seen the Plastic Calipers at discount stores for very very little money-

That should help you get an accurate fix on the Diameter of your Speaker Terminal Binding Posts.



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Sorry peeps only just seen these replies as been away with shocking Internet connection, thanks for all the info much appreciated

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