spaced with zombies


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I saw the trailer for Mr Pegg's zombie flick this weekend ' Shaun of the Dead'

Looks dead funny.....see what i did there :p

As the subject says, it seems to be basically the same characters from Spaced only with different names and a few zombies thrown in to make the drive to work a bit more exciting than usual.

Only hope it's not another 'funniest bits are all in the trailer' movie.

Wonder how it'll do in USA?

Trailer was on before Starsky and Hutch.


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just saw the tv spot,looks pretty good:smashin:


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Saw this on sunday at the cast and crew screening:blush: and it is hillarious!
Have never seen spaced,so knew nothing about simon pegg..etc,but this is going to be a huge film here and maybe in the states(as they did like 28days later-which was a comedy:D )
The gore is plentiful and the humor keeps on coming throughout,which makes a change from previous british comedies!!The middle part of the film even tries to be serious when pegg et al are being attacked.
For a comedy with zombies you cant go wrong 8/10 :clap: :clap: :clap:

Might even watch the spaced series now???


From what I've heard (haven't seen it yet) the comedy in SotD is very much like that in Spaced. So if you liked SotD, you should like Spaced, and vice versa.

PS. My new avatar is a pic of me in SotD. (shameless, I know) :D


spaced was one of the funniest things on tv, and i loved him in hippies to.

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