Space Junkies - 26th March 2019


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So it's a dualshock controlled game which will reduce VR immersion but makes sense for being an FPS. But it will be interesting how you guys fare against the PCVR owners with their dual hand controllers. I doubt they will ever make this an AIM Controller support because that might certainly create an imbalance with cross platform.

Not sure whether to jump in as a completely virgin multiplayer newbie...would I be expected to be verbal in communication? As much as I would be happy to verbally communicate, I can't do that in the living room with other family members around. Oh, I'll just jump in anyway, I'll just be minimal with my verbal communications, if it is at all needed.


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Went through the tutorial and bootcamp challenge (which is good fun but sadly just one track you just keep repeating and get as high a score as possible). My high score is 112,000 so far.

I like the vibe and visuals which are akin to the Starblood Arena, Battle Zone etc.
The wonderful thing about our dualshock controllers that no other PC/console gamepad controller has is 6DOF tracking. This game makes use of that with navigation making tilting the gamepad with the nav sticks combined. I like that.

However, one hugely infuriating gameplay killing element for me is that it is using STEP TURN and there is no option to change to smooth turn. This absolutely ruins the gameplay for me as it ruins the shooting accuracy while in motion. Damn it, it really is infuriating to such an extent that I don't feel like going into the main multiplayer arenas now. I want to enjoy the gameplay mechanics, not to suffer by it. I hope that is an oversight for the Beta and they add smooth turn eventually.

Another annoyance is that the menus float with your gaze...awful, needs to be fixed into VR space like every other game does.

Default settings have blinders on and helmet on. Switch both off for the best immersion (and if you are a vomitter, switch them back on or buy a vr sick bucket accessory).

There is also a toggle setting called "Front guide". No idea what that does, i tried both on and off and couldnt see what difference it made.

I will try the real multiplayer now but with some dread because of the step turn. I see that there is an option to play only against PS4 or multi platform. That's a good idea.


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OK I just had blast with multiplayer and its awesome. Controls in flying around is easy to get used to but to master it to in honing in on your target...that takes a while.

My gripe with step turn is not as big a hindrance once in in battle. BUT gameplay will certainly be more enjoyable with smooth gripe still stands.

Otherwise, I loved sweeping through the arenas, like a Mandalorian on a jetpack. And even got a goddamn laser sword! (those of you that watch Star Wars Rebels, think of the black sabre). I actually attacked a guy from behind with my laser sword and did some serious damage but alas, ultimately you dont bring a knife to a gunfight as my target recovered and shot me up real good. Of course using a dualshock meant I have to use both arms to wield the one handed laser sword but nevertheless was cool to do for that short geeky moment.

But I just loved the flying around through collectables (Mario style), daring to move through deadly moving obstacles to pick up armour, the thrill of finding and shooting at your target, the thrill of being shot from behind and running for cover to counteract the attack, all exciting stuff in a visceral environment.

So this was my first multiplay of any kind and I enjoyed it. As I played 1 vs many, there was no need for verbal talk. Which is convenient for me as the family is watching TV while I play.

I think you multiplaying loving guys will love this one but question remains on its longevity, variety in maps and variety in gameplays (menu show a few different type of multiplay).

As much as I loved the contest, multiplaying is still not my cuppa tea to spend VR time on but this looks great. I cant speak for those of you experience in multiplayer of course.


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I don't understand why Moves was requested by gamers , it will be horrible to play with moves being an FPS shooter. My biggest issue was no smooth turning but they have updated with Smooth turning now, that's the biggest positive for me. This should rock even more for that because I enjoyed this game with the dualshock when it was in beta despite the step turns.


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A new update dropped for this today, along with a price reduction to £15.99 on the store.


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