Space Engine VR

If you have even the slightest interest in space the Space Engine deserves some consideration. In a word it is phenomenal. It’s been out a few years, and is constantly being refined, and added to. It is not a “game” as such, but more of an exploration and learning tool, and a very powerful tool at that. Most YouTube space videos use this as their way of modelling, and displaying, their concepts.

It gives you the entire universe to roam around and observe, and the sheer enormity of it will blow your mind. Planets, moons, asteroids, comets, stars of all types, nebula, star clusters, black holes etc. It’s all there. Everything that we know of our galaxy and observable universe has been modelled accurately. Beyond that, the universe is procedurally generated. And it is stunning. I’ve been completely absorbed for the last 3 days. It’s available on Steam, and the ratings are “Overwhelmingly Positive”.

It’s not perfect, as it wasn’t designed with VR in mind. That has been added since, and is a bit awkward at times, particularly if you have to lift the headset to type something into the search function. It’s entirely possible just to fly about, seeking out new stars and planets etc, without ever having to come out of VR, but just don’t expect to find your way back to home as vast doesn’t even come close.

This program is just a dream come true for me. Elite Dangerous has been great for filling the desire to explore, but Space Engine is something else entirely. The sheer beauty of what’s out there is just phenomenal. Ambient music provides a welcome backdrop for it all, which really seems to fit the vibe perfectly. An easy10/10 for me, and, without a doubt, the best VR title in my library. I quite fancy hooking my PC up to the 4k projector, and just have an ever changing universe playing out on the big screen, like a giant screen saver 😀

If you’re after something a bit different for your HMD it’s well worth a punt. And if you lived a trillion lifetimes, you’d still only see an absolute speck of what’s in there. Mind blowing stuff!


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