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SP46 & indoor aerial


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Morning folks :)

Recenelty had my Sammy SP46 delivered to me, finaly got it in place and everything connected up to it last night. Had a few questions concering the PQ from some sources tho. Firstly, terrestrial TV dosent look that great at all, my old portable 17" job seems to look miles better. Is that because im using an indoor aerial? (the tv is in my room, and the outside aerial goes to the downstairs one so that not really an option) A friend suggested to me that i should buy a freeview box ? As its digital and the PQ would be a hell of a lot better, what are your thoughts on this ?

Also i tried running a DVD off my PS2 (using the leads and cables that oringaly came with some 3 or so years back :D ) and that didnt look to great either, i am guessing that thats because its not running from a proper dvd player via component, and would i get more joy running dvd's for the moment off my PC ? (which is connected up to it, i would try dvd's on it but the dvd drive decided to not work :thumbsup: )

I ran Half Life 2 from the PC and that was just awsome :clap: So im guessing too, that theres nothing wrong with the tv, its just the sources going to it arent so good ?


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I would say firstly, don't compare the picture against a 17" because any large screen TV will look worse next to it IMO.

Using RGB scart leads will definitely give you a better picture than you have now. The PS2 doesn't allow RGB via scart, so you are watching a composite feed, the same as the one via your aerial.

The Freeview box may result in a better picture if you are in an area where the reception is good.

Good luck!! :smashin:


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thanks for the reply, and btw sorry, ment to post this in the DLP section :(

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