Source in DD+ transmitted in ATMOS vs system in 5.1 ???


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I'm a bit new to all this, so please excuse the weird questions.

I have a Denon AVR-1400H setup with a 5.1 speakers system. There is a movie I would like to watch from my laptop that is coded in "E-AC3 with Joint Object Coded".
The thing is, if I simply connect my laptop to the AVR via hdmi and I select "surround sound 5.1"; The AVR displays "Multi-channel in" and the sound is really not great, which makes me assume that I would need to adjust all channels manually.
But recently I came accross the app Dolby Access for W10, I set it up and selected it for the surround sound. Now my AVR displays ATMOS and the sound is rather good so it's nice.

My question though: Given that I don't have an ATMOS system (only 5.1) will I loose some information with "ghost channels" ?
What happens when the source (movie) isn't in actual Atmos, but a regular DD+ without the JOC, the AVR still displays ATMOS, what is really happening?

Thank you in advance for your answers :)


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DD+ isn't within Atmos. Atmos metadata can be packaged with DD+ or with TrueHD. Atmos is simply metadata.

If you've only a 5.1 setup than an Atmos enabled AV receiver would ignore the Atmos metadata and revert to the DD+ channel based audio. You cannot portray Atmos via 5.1 without using additional Dolby virtual speaker processing.

Atmos isn't channel based so no, you'd not lose channels if only portraying the DD+ channel based audio. What you are losing is the ability to portray object based audio which is in theory more three dimensional than conventional channel based audio.

Your AV receiver pre dates the aforementioned Dolby Virtual Atmos speaker processing so the only way you can correctly portray Atmos is to actuall add the additional 2 speakers required. You'd need at least a 5.1.2 or a 7.1 speaker layout to be able to correctly portray Atmos with your particular AV receiver.

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