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Source for funky light required.


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i have thought about using the lights kw1816 is proposing,the problem is,sit in the same room as a pc,they are not quiet be alright if you can get the power supply in a cupboard or another room,


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these look like the bad boys I am after.

Does anyone know an easy way to run them of a standard 240V supply.

Otherwise I am thinking buy a cheap "silent" PC type PSU and run from there.



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Hi sorry to sound stupid, but I was looking to install some neon type lights on part of my home cinema installation, how do you connect these up - can you use normal lighting cable attached to a plug with a switch.....


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Find the specs on the inverter that comes with the cold cathodes and get a power supply to match - I think they run off the 12V but I don't know how much power they draw.

I'd image a small multi adaptor thingy from argos or whoever would probably work - but I'll let you find out:D :D

but I was looking to install some neon type lights

Trust me you don't want NEON lights - Ah.... the memories of glass insulators, 12kV transformers and supply leads the thickness of your little finger - and then there was the time the rotating Neon sign caught Dave on the chin and exploded, he was alright after he picked himself up from the floor 10ft from where he was .....



if your after funky shapes/words you could try black plastic pipe painted with u.v paint and shine a u.v lamp at it,an common theatre trick used to achieve the neon look without nasty high voltages

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