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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by andyk, May 20, 2002.

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    I noticed a strange thing yesterday.

    My amp (Denon 2802) was on with the source set to DVD (coax digital input) with no DVD playing. It was quiet in the room and I realised that I could hear very quiet sound. It was the Digibox sound (analogue input). When I checked the amp, the volume was all the way to the max (one of the kids I guess).

    I am not particularly worried about this as I had to have the volume all the way up and even then the sound from the speakers was very quiet (I was in the room for a while before I even noticed it), so I reckon that even if it is doing this all the time it will be a negligible effect. Also it could be that once the DVD source is active then it stops (I can't test that because it would be masked).

    Does anyone think that I should be concerned about this. The amp is still under warranty, so I could get it fixed or replaced if necessary. I am v. happy with it generaly, so I don't want to use this as an excuse for a replacement.

    The only other point to note is that I was lucky one of the children didn't just switch a DVD on as it would probably have deafened them.

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