SoundSource for MacBook Pro into Active Speakers to control Parametric EQ's & Volume levels


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(You can down load a free version)

I bought SoundSource ( SoundSource - A Superior Sound Control ). I paid about £30. The nice thing with this you can apply sound signatures ( Parametric EQ’s ) on a per application basis. Means I can tweak my Spotify application and give me a little treble boost as needed ( I’m over 50 ). It’s such a slick interface.

You can actually associate LOT's of different types of effects, all done in the core of the Mac OS processing. It's just that SoundSource exposes these things that you never even knew were present all the time !

I use my active speakers via USB from my MacBook Pro, I want certain applications to run at different volume levels, or to be able to mute certain applications. The main culprit was HDHomeRun ( allows me to watch terrestrial TV over my network in HD - even streams into Plex so I can use Plex as a big TV recorder ).

I also run Plex client off my Mac, so nice to be able to control Movie audio signatures.


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Equally if you've got sonaworks.... It will integrate with that, or really any audio plug ins. So, can't see why this can't do away with minidsp or equivalent if your on a Mac.


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