Sounds sync problem with Bush DFTA16 set top box


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I bought this set top box for my mum today, set it up, and although picture is great there is a sound sync problem.

Has anybody else come across this? Do I need to change to a different make box?

When looking at the info for each channel it shows a signal strength of between 60 and 80%, but as I say, the picture is good and not breaking up.

Is the sound sync anything to do with signal strength?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated


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Unplug it, plug it back in and rescan for channels picking "first time installation" within the setup menu.
That often cures odd glitches like this.


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Hi. I have had the very same problems with Two of these boxes purchased from Sainsburys.
I have emailed Bush Support & will let you know on here what the answer is! Hopefully a softwear fix, as the box is otherwise quite good & at £20, not a bad price..but watching snooker hearing the ball hit, before it has been hit is not an option!

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Picked one up todaty for the kids room - same lip sync problems - its going back to Argos tomorrow

I really should search these forums more before I purchase!:suicide:
Tried manual update but no new firmware, noticed there is a USB port on it, anyone know the bush website?, maybe then can provide a firmware fix we can manually flash the device with...


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picked up one of these today as my old box packed in, I have the sam audio sync issues, bloody annoying!


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Great news, get along to your nearest ASDA & buy a Pacific PSTB3...they are very very sensitive & resistant to impulse interfearence than any other box I've tried...they are £ the moment (inc two scarts, all leads etc), but expect them to go up as people find out what a great box they are! Oh...the sound & pic are in perfect sync too!
You may find they are tucked away on the top shelf, as they try & sell the £30 + boxes EG Philips that are useless by comparison!
Even in today's high pressure problems, it is coping well.
Very rarely do you get a screech from the audio...the most annoying thing that most other boxes do!

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