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Okay...usually I dont have to much of a problem setting this kind of situation up.
But, I have one music system with one scart socket in the back, a HDTV, a PS3 and a freeview box and a laptop to hook up.

The PS3 is connected to the TV by HDMI but I want surround sound through my music centre.(at the moment it is only playing through the TV)

The Freeview box is connected to the TV and the wall socket as usual, but is also connected to the media centre via a AV selector(which has no selector switches on)
The laptop has a head phone socket to scart plug also connected to the AV selector(has 3 ports)

Now realising that this set-up wont do what I want it to do, I acquired a Hama AV Selector 100S, does anyone have any pointers on how I connect it all up so that everything plays through the media centre?

I think I need a few more scart plugs!?

Am I right in thinking, HDMI carries sound and vision...would I be able to re-direct the PS3 audio to the media centre from the TV?

The freeview box is connected to Video3 Scart socket 1
The PS3 is connected to Video 6 HDMI 1

Totally confusing I know :S

Please help me anyone... :lease::lesson::mad:


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I'd be happy to help, but with the descriptions of your kit being as vague as 'music system', 'HDTV', 'freeview box' and 'media centre' it's pretty difficult to tell what exactly you have to work with. 'music system' doesn't make sense anyway, when you say it has a scart (i.e video) connection. Surely this must be some sort of all-in-one home cinema system.

If you at least post the model numbers of what you have, we can normally look them up online to determine which connections you have and the best way to connect them up.


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sorry I will get all the info together when I am next back here... time is of the essence lately.. 20 hr days are never a good thing!:thumbsdow

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