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Hi just had a builder around about soundproofing a wall because next doors tele is so loud. But as i want mine loud to thought about soundproofing. He suggested a 12.5 soundbloc board screwed to wall between coving and skirting. Me thinks this wont be enough any ideas
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in my opinon one half inch board wont be enough. in my own house i have 2 12.5 mm soundproof boards either side of the wall and it does dampen the noise a lot but not completely. if you had enough space(and money) u could built another stud partition against the parity wall, insulate it and put 2 soundproof boards to the partition. the air between the existing wall and new partition will act as a sound block also. either that or smash the neighbours telly!!


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Thanks for reply the builder did give me option of new stud wall and soundbloc will prob go for that. Neighbour is a bit deaf and is getting on in years so soundproofing it is.


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or an even better, cheaper idea

just turn your TV up even louder!:D

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Screwing something to the existing wall won't dfo much for soundproofing since the sound will travel through whatever is touching. You need to build a new studd wall 1" away from the existing wall, fill it with rockwool insualtion and then add two layers of plasterboard. Seal all edges with silicon so no sound can leak through. 4" x 2" wood is the usual size wood recomended for the stud wall, but that will end up losing you 6" of room size. Going smaller will leave you with more room space but a less effective soundproofing.

You may still get some flanking sound but the above will help. It's a tried and tested method and if you use the search you should find lots of info on this forum (and on the US avsforum) regarding that methodology. Ted Whites advice (both here and on avs) is worth reading, so have a look at his posts too.


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