Question soundproof 1930's semi party wall.

Bernie B

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I am trying to soundproof a party wall in a 1930's semi. I have found many different products on line and don't want to lose too much space in the room. Would love to here from anybody who has done the same.I am a joiner so the doing isn't the problem, getting the best results is.

Plasma Dan

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If you don't want to lose too much space resilient bar is probably your best bet. I used it to decouple my cinema build throughout. I have 2 shared walls and I've not heard a peep from either side since.

I attached roofing batten directly to the walls, fastened the resilient bars to it using washers as spacers wherever needed, then boarded with 2 layers of 12.5mm acoustic board with a green-glue layer in-between. Total depth is ~65mm.



I used the resilient bar from here: Resilient Bar 45mm x 13.5mm x 3 metre Length


Bernie B

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Thank you for your mail Plasma Dan.
I was going to do just that but it is great hearing from people who have done there projects. Did you use acoustic caulking around perimeter. May go under floor to fill any voids and rockwool.


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might have to do something similar if I don't move .

be interesting to see how you get on..

have read loads of stuff but as you say a lot of subjective stuff out there.

curious to know if the above method with small batons directly fixed to the wall and the bars ..with the 2 layers of board would be a workable alternative to 50mm of acoustic slab in a stud with the 2 boards.

was also reading somewhere that green glue gets more effective over a 30 day period compared to when you first use it?

mind you that might explain a lot of negative reviews from people who post on the net after they've used it
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Bernie B

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Ye you are right, I read the same reports. I think it depends on what sound you are trying to block. I am going to try 50mm vertical battens with infilled with RW3 then resilient bars fixed horizontally onto that followed by 2 sheets of "sound block" plasterboard with staggered boards with green glue inbetween. It's not great hearing the neighbours like they are sat in your front room. Also when I set up system I am not annoying them also. May be few weeks until I get around to doing it.


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Not a party wall but a partition wall between our cinema room and the adjoining bedroom..

We only managed to use 1 layer of 12.5mm soundbloc with 50mm rockwool insulation between the studs..acoustic sealant around the full perimeter..i too was a little disappointed at 1st..but after about a month, the sound reduction is greatly noticed, it's made a big difference with just the small when it comes to doing the party wall downstairs..100mm rockwool, 2 layers of soundbloc plasterboard , probably a mixture of 12.5mm and 15mm with green glue or MLV and acoustic sealant again..


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bit of thread hijacking...but

upstairs I'm not going to have much room...looked at a few methods.

now wondering if I should give 2 layers of sounbloc with green glue in the middle...
question is ok you can stick one layer of board to the wall with adhesive...but how to fix the second I understand it green glue is not actually a glue so wont stick....and screwing through the boards to the wall gets back into transferring of sound :confused:

I'm assuming it wont be good idea to mix adhesive and green glue to the back of a board

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