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I'm looking for an internal soundcard with two digital outputs (can be coax or optical). The card will need to be high quality as it will be outputting to a decent home theatre processor as well as a stereo pre-amp and it will have to be able to work with MCE.

Anyone have any ideas for such a card? I'd be prepared to pay up to about £200 (or more) but I'd prefer less if possible.
My Abit AW8-MAX Motherboard has got onboard HD Audio from Realtek and two digital outputs, or if you like one output and one input....Totally configurable in software and also indepently configurable to what effects (ie. Dolby Live etc) to apply to them, or none and just have raw passthrough....


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Thanks Mark. Appreciate the effort.

What I mean't by elegant, by the way, was that I wanted to avoid adding another set of cables to an already cluttered setup.

The other problem I have is that my current card hasn't got optical out, so I'd have to buy another card if I wanted that option. If I'm doing that, I might as well try to get a card with a dual output.

Also, from what I understand, optical doesn't usually measure as well as theory would suggest it should, or put another way: it isn't quite the perfect solution it might sound like (if you excuse the pun). I've always found coax digital connections to be pretty robust in actual use, so...

Anyway, thanks again.


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Ok, so back to the original question:

Does anyone know of a good quality internal soundcard with two coax digital outputs?


the trust pci 5.1 has an optical and coax out. not sure of quality, but if your going out digitally the onboard stuff shouldn't matter

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