Soundcard to passive speakers - what amplifier?

Need some help/advice.

Just bought some passive monitor speakers to connect to my PC for potential use with some recording that I'd like to do in future. Of course, being passive, I forgot that they need a power supply and won't connect straight to my soundcard - the speaker connections are just bare wire after all. I'm kicking myself , don't get me wrong, so now I need to contemplate what else I need for my set up.

Now obviously I need an amplifier of some kind which will connect straight to my M-Audio 2496 soundcard, but what's the best route to go here? Do i just pick up a cheapish hi-fi amplifier, or is there a better option that will be more suited to a PC audio setup, a small decent PC amp that will give the required output that will have clips for the speakers to connect to? Do i need an adaptor of some sort instead? Will any amplifier need a digital input instead of straight RCA plugs?

I'm new to this home recording stuff so any help for a novice would be much appreciated....
Thanks mate. I can imagine that will work fine - do you or anyone else know of an amplifier type device that is more appropriate for a PC setup?

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