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I wanted to connect my Soundblaster audigy 2 digital connection to my amp so I bought a audio Toslink to Toslink and a digital Toslink to 3.5mm mini plug adapter but I cant get any sound. Can someone please help, I looked down the cable and the red light is comming through. Thanks


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Firstly, I wouldn't advise looking into the light ;)

Does your receiver lock onto a signal at all?? does it show that theres DD or DTS being received?



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Firstly: what type of Audigy do you have? Only the Platinum (and direct variations) have a proper S/PDIF output.

The 3.5mm socket is purely for Creative's own brand of digital speakers. It might give you a 2.1 signal, but I don't know how you have set it up.

I don't know how to set this up - I have no amplifiers, etc. (sniff..), but I do have an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro and I know that the 3.5mm jack will not output Dolby Digital or DTS under any circumstances.

Assuming that you have a Platinum or above card, and that you have connected the cable to the phono or optical digital out: try and test it with a DVD movie, and make sure that the player is set to S/PDIF Passthrough.

I think that I encountered this problem in another topic: have a look in the PC Gaming forum here (I think). In there is a somewhat more longwinded version of my response.

Oops, sorry. I just realised that you are the person that I responded to in the other forum and I managed to scare you off with my crappily-worded response.
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