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Hey guys just looking for a bit of speaker advice.

Was at my parents house the other day and they live with the volume of the TV on full blast complaining they cant hear it very well (the TV in question is a 40inch Samsung LED).

What I wanted to do was, get them a simple to use, easy to connect, un-obtrusive soundbar type thing that would just sit on the TV unit to give them better audio clarity. No fancy 5.1 audio setup needed at all here, just something that can add a bit of bass and depth to the sound...

I've been looking at soundbars on richer sounds as they seem to be the all-in-one kind of system I'm after:
Sharp HTSB400 Black | Soundbar | Richer Sounds

I don't know how good they are though at what they do but they suggest to emulate virtual surround (probably not well) but it's probably good enough to do the job.

Not looking to spend too much either by the way, between £100 - £200 max. Any help greatly appreciated :thumbsup:


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Before you go any farther, you need to determine what audio outputs are available on your TV. At bare minimum, your TV should have a headphone output.

The options are -

- Headphone out.
- RCA-style Analog Audio Outs
- SCART Audio Outs
- Digital Optical/Coaxial Audio Out

It seems the Sharp requires analog inputs, this means a headphone out or an standard RCA audio out.

For this to work properly though, the Speakers will have to have their own remote control for the volume. Unless, of course, you are using the Headphone out, in which case, likely the standard TV remote volume control will work.

I think the problem is going to be budget in the end, for amps and speakers the £100 to £200 range is very thin.

So, as mentioned, the first step is to determine what output your current TV has. If you need help, give us the exact brand and model number, and we can look up the TV specs for you.

Just a few thoughts.



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Thank you very much for your help Steve!

This is the TV (Samsung UE40C6000 40" LED). Which on the back of the TV has a Digital Optical Output and also a Headphone Output. They have a Sky+ HD box and also a Blu Ray Player all connected via HDMI to the TV (just FYI).

The TV location is a bit awkward though as it's at an angle on a cornered wall and wouldn't suit large speakers either side of the unit (such as floorstanders etc) as they would just look out of place. This is why I am opting (hoping) for a much smaller configuration.

I have seen these:
Logic3 TX101 SoundStage - 5.1 Surround Sound Home: Electronics

And they would be perfect but they're too wide for the TV unit! (Which is probably a bit bigger then 1 metre in length).

I really don't want to spend an amp unecessarily for this setup, though I've seen a few 2.1 satellite setups (Onkyo HTX22) which I like on Richer Sounds that you just connect straight to the TV without the need for a seperate receiver which would be ideal really but obviously they're are a bit out of budget.



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On your limited budget, and with your limited space the Logic3 might be a good choice.

Here are a couple of relevant links -

SoundStage 5.1 (UK Version) - Logic 3

At the end of the discussion in the link above, a person has this unit, and is happy with it, but as you can see, he cautions that your expectations have to be realistic. You can't expect £1000 performance on a £200 budget.

But, it is nice to have a full system all integrated into one unit.

Do pay attention to the width of the unit, it seems it is about 1065mm wide. Make sure you have space for it. The unit has the advantage of being able to connect to the Digital Audio Out which is found on virtually very TV, so that simplifies things.

There are Yamaha units that are similar with built in amps etc..., but they typically run 2 to 3 times more money.

The Onkyo HTX22HDX is also a good unit, but again you have to keep realistic expectations. Do keep in mind that HTX22 can be expanded with at Center and Rear speakers for very little money.

For a TV pushed into corners, frequently a sound bar is the best choice.

Neither of these units is especially powerful, but they sound good for the limited money they cost. Which suits you better, is totally up to your personal preferences and budget.

Just a few thoughts.


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