Soundbars any good


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Hi just looking for a bit of advice about sound bars at the moment I have a Sony 40" W5500 which has 10+10w speakers I am considering getting a sound bar, the one I'm looking at is the Sharp hdsl50 which I can pick up for 109 pounds, which is a 2.1 system 25w+25w and 50 w sub woofer, are sound bars any good would I notice a huge difference through the Sarp system over the tv speakers


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Try searching for " soundbar " or the specific model in the speakers sub forum. IMHO they only work when you're sat in the sweet spot at right angles to the speaker. If you move out of this sweet spot the effect of pseudo 'surround sound' is lost. Some of the higher end (expensive) models are meant to be but they're not for me.
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