Soundbar with Wireless Rear speakers - Advice needed please


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Advice needed please on a possible replacement to my Onkyo LS-7200 soundbar, my budget would stretch to around £800

My room measures 5m x 3.7m with the TV and sofa on opposite walls, the TV is wall mounted and the soundbar would be placed on a TV unit underneath the screen with a gap of about 10”, I would like the following specs if it’s possible.

Dolby Atmos & DTS-X

Wireless rear speakers & Sub

good centre speaker for clear dialogue

ability to adjust Treble and Bass

Front display

Can I also ask what I might get for the Onkyo if I decided to sell, Any advice is really appreciated.

The Hack

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I don't think for your budget you'll get anything decent (and wireless). I'd go for the Sonos Beam 2, Sub and 2 rears. But that would all cost about £1,400.


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Thanks for the reply The Hack, that's too much for my budget, I'll have to keep looking

Sparky Griswold

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I really like the JBL 9.1 which ticks most of your boxes but no treble options. It’s priced at £900 but deals are regular so wait till it drops to nearer £600.

Feel free to ask any questions or hope on over to the JBL 9.1 thread.


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