Soundbar with LFE output?


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Hi all. First venture into the possible use of soundbars. I was wondering if there are any models out there which have a typical RCA/LFE output for a subwoofer?

I have seen models which have their own wireless subs etc, but I am considering the use of better quality wired subwoofers from other manufacturers if possible.

Does anyone have any knowledge of suitable soundbars?


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Most of the mainstream big brand units as you already know dont offer a subout effectivly locking you into there propriety solutions , which at best are compromised.
Have a look at Dali katch and kubik, b&w, focal, certain yamahas , sennheiser. these are pretty much audio first effects later products.


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Some of Yamaha's have a Sub out which is technically an LFE with even their base model having one


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Yes, perhaps. There’s supposed to be an updated version on the way with eARC support and some other updates. It’s certainly on my radar.

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