Soundbar with Ceiling Speaker options?


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Hi, I am doing a garage conversion and I first thought I'd get ceiling speakers for a bit of 'wow factor' when having some people over / parties, etc.

However, it is getting very complicated... because it does seem a soundbar WOULD be more beneficial day-to-day , and a decent soundbar with a good sub may also be more than enough for me for the parties too.

But I still have hope there is a package out there where I can get a soundbar and sub connected to the TV, but also 2 x ceiling speakers working together... wired or wireless.

Please don't say Sonos... I can't afford it. To get the Sonos Amp + 2 B&W speakers (£1000) , plus a Sonos Beam (£450) + the Sonos Sub (like 600)... its over 2k without the wiring and its too much.

So unless someone knows of another Amp that can connect to ceiling speakers but also connects to a generic soundbar (wirelessly or wired)... please let me know!

Joe Fernand

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A Soundbar has its own onboard amplification, you don't use them in conjunction with a conventional HiFi (Stereo) or AVR (Surround sound) Amp.

A Speakerbar looks like a Soundbar but is powered by a conventional HiFi (Stereo) or AVR (Surround sound) Amp, though if SONOS is outside of your budget the Speakerbar+Amp is likely outside of your budget too.

There are Soundbar systems where you have wired or wireless Surround channels, though most of them are designed for Wall rather than ceiling mounting.

Do you have a layout plan for the garage? How will it be used day to day? What is your budget and what does it have to cover?


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