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I have a Q95T TV and a Q70T soundbar. Firmware is up to date. WiFi connected to both TV and soundbar. Both show on SmartThings app. Both on same network.

I had 3 HDMI devices connected. Nothing in the ARC one. Audio played over WiFi between TV and soundbar. No issues. (I use WiFi as the audio cuts out randomly for a second at a time with Bluetooth but that’s for another day).

I connected a Nintendo Switch to the ARC HDMI. All was well.

Next night turned on Switch. No WiFi audio even though it was showing as connected and was showing on screen. Audio worked on TV only.

Unplugged switch HDMI from its dock only (not TV). WiFi option disappeared from audio menu. Bluetooth worked fine.

Next morning I unplugged HDMI from the OneConnect box. I now have no audio from Bluetooth although I see it connected and showing on screen.

Factory reset both TV and Soundbar. Bluetooth audio returned. Cannot get WiFi to show up on list no matter what I try.

Scared to plug Switch back in.

Please help!


Try unpowering / repowering your hub to reset it.


Probably because HDMI is such a tetchy interface. It has rabid security which kills any connection it may take against.

I've no other useful suggestions other than trying to reset ( by power disconnects) the HDMI interface once again... and then importantly, once you repower, turn on the television FIRST, before any peripheral equipment. ( as to 'reintroduce' it to the TV)

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