Soundbar to TV connection query


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Thinking of getting a soundbar.... probably a dumb question :
If I get one with ARC capability (my tv has ARC on hdmi2) how do I connect my devices to the tv ?
I have dvd, sky and wdtv live.
Or is it simpler to connect each device to an hdmi port on the tv and use optical lead from tv to soundbar, I'm presuming that the optical audio out on the tv sends out the tv audio regardless of what the source is (ie tv tuner or hdmi ports)

Plastic Sith

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Assuming the soundbar has a number of hdmi inputs, you just connect the ARC HDMI out on the soundbar to the ARC HDMI input on the tv, then connect all your other devices via hdmi to the soundbar hdmi inputs.

Interestingly, I have the soundbar connected as described above but ps4, Apple TV and sky+hd are all connected directly to the tv. It's a Panasonic so I've set the speaker selection on the Vieira link menu to 'home cinema' and now all of the sound comes through the soundbar.

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