Soundbar to pair with Lg bx 55"

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Nov 26, 2020
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Hi I'm looking to get soundbar to pair with my 55" Oled Lg BX. I've been doing a bti of research but it seems I've opened a pandora's box. Budget is max £400 Im not sure which is more important dolby Atmos or DTS: X. Ive found soundbars with and without them. Some with dolby atmos but no upfiring speakers, some with upfiring speakers but no sub. Is there any mid priced price soundbar/ sub combo that has everything? Or do you have to pay for the premium option? I have honed it down to these :
Sonos Beam ( I have an sl one already to pair with it, but cant every see myself stretching to the sub)
DENON DHTS517 Wireless Soundbar with Dolby Atmos Black (dislike the fabric cover maybe lacking in power)
Samsung HW-Q600A -seems decent but do rival brand TV /soundbars a marriage make?
SLY5 - cheap no atmos but appears good sound quality and can add surround sound speakers later if I want.

I imagine I have missed some options. Please help! watch a mix of tv /film sport.

'Having everything' and sounding good are not always one and the same!

First question when considering a Soundbar is around your Room, TV/Soundbar positioning and your seating and how optimal they will be for Stereo, Surround Sound and or Immersive Audio (Atmos)?

Hi Joe, It's a rectangular room, the TV is wall mounted the soundbar will be positioned underneath the TV or just on front. Seating is directly facing the TV around 2.5 - 3m away against the opposite wall.

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