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Hello, I'm looking for some new construction advice. We're building a new home, and since I'm doing a full surround system in the basement, the wife is asking me to do a 'less intrusive' sound system in the main living area, so I'm looking at a soundbar setup in that room. The room is an open concept and is 20' wide with the main living area being roughly 18' deep and then extending back to the dining area and the kitchen beyond that. The living area has 11' ceilings and this system will be paired with 65" Samsung QN85A television.

Looking around at soundbar systems, I've noticed a couple of things.

First, they almost universally come with wireless satellite speakers and subwoofers. I know that wireless systems have come a long ways, but I'd much prefer to prewire for satellite speakers rather than deal with connection and latency issues inherent to wireless setups.

Second, my wife's idea of a 'less intrusive' system asks that I use in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, rather than having the satellite speakers hanging on a wall or sitting on stands.

So, I'm looking for a good, but not top-of-the-line soundbar system (ideally $800 or less) that will give me Dolby Atmos, comes with eArc, and would allow me to use either in-wall or in-ceiling satellite speakers. Does such a setup exist? Or would I be better off just prewiring for a standard 5.1.2 system?

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Most folk don’t want wires running from a Soundbar to a Sub, Surround or Overhead speakers so the market has mostly gone down the wireless or Uni-body route.

Decent Immersive or Surround sound is nigh on impossible to achieve in an Open plan room - even in an ideal room with four regular walls Uni-body Soundbars with virtual Surround and Immersive channels struggle to not be weighted to the front sound stage.

With a budget approaching $1800 you could achieve an all In-wall 5.1 wired solution with a budget AVR and speakers (if you can accommodate a conventional Sub) and closer to $2000 if you want 5.1.2.

If In-wall front LCR is not an option you can use a passive Speakerbar which looks like a Soundbar and is powered by the Front LCR Output of an AVR.

Earthquake Sound have a decent range of budget In-wall/Ceiling options - In-Walls & In-Ceilings - Earthquake Sound Corp.


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