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Any advice would be welcome.

I have a small lounge and badly designed for any sound system for home cinema.

Unfortunately it has a built in staircase and the tv does sits slightly under it. Can really move it.

I have tried Yamaha 2700, no good in this room, LG S8. Easy to use but not great sound. I tried the LG h7 for rear speakers but kept dropping out even when hard wired.

I have tried a separate system but again the room is just not big/suitable for this.

I would love to try atmos but not sure it will work in the room.

Mainly used for tv but would like to use for music wirelessly as well.

I sit on sofa as per photo so rear speakers are hard to position.


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What about the JBL Bar 5.1? you can pop off the side speakers and use them as rear speakers (without them needing to be plugged in) could be just what you're looking for.

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Obvious suggestion but have you thought about Sonos beam, Sonos sub and 2 x ones ?

More suited for music than movies but more than suitable for tv watching.

See what you mean about Atmos, looks like a bit of a challenge in that room


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Yeah the room would be hugely difficult for Atmos and I can also see why the Yamaha didn't work as it cannot bounce the sound of the walls correctly.

How about a passive soundbar at the front with some basic rear speakers and then you can place a separate sub where it will hide. From that point you'll be able to choose an AV amp you want in place of just having to make do with whats inside the soundbar.

Monitor Audio do offer an array of passive soundbars and for rears you could use a pair of old Mass then for the sub, maybe look at a nice compact one

It would cost more, but this would give you the option to try and develop an Atmos type system with you experimenting with upward firing ones to see if you can target them to seating area rather than following the normal rule of thumb


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I don’t really want too many wires due to the layout and wood floor making it very difficult to hide wires for the rear speakers.

I went into Curry’s today and had a play with some soundbars. I know it’s not ideal for testing but I could get a feel to what suited me best.

Tried the Samsung hw n950 and was very underwhelmed from the soundbar. Also played with the LG sk9y and was quite impressed with the front sound. Atmos could not work well in the store but still preferred sound than the Samsung.

If I had rear speakers they would only be only one foot behind me.

If I put a higher quality soundbar in my room equipped with atmos would the sound be muddled due to my room layout.

Previously I had a kef 720w soundbar and was very happy with the performance. Really looking to at least match that sound and quality with more extras as expected with a later model.

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