Soundbar or not for home cinema build


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Hi, I'm in the process of having something similar to this built (TV a bit lower for a better viewing angle) and I'm stuck on sound!

I currently have a Sky Soundbox that I had given to me as a gesture for trialling SkyQ a few years back, anyhow I was originally thinking of getting a Samsung HW-Q80R soundbar but have done a bit of reading and having this recessed may not work as it would effect sound quality ?

So my options:
1) Keep the Sky soundbox and have it on one of the shelves to the left/right of the tv
2) Get a true soundbar like the Samsung Q80R and recess it below the TV and accept sound quality loss
3) Take advice from this forum on best way forward with a budget of around £800-1000



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A good av receiver and 5.1 speaker system will blow a soundbar out of the water
Agreed with this. Or you’ll want one in a year or so and have to rebuild the unit again.
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