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Having just purchased a LG55CX its time to revisit the audio side of things and I think now is the time to keep the wife happy with a tidier set up.

Currently have a Yamaha AV Amp with some small Canton speakers and a Q Acoustics sub. Family (wife in particular) have never been fully happy with the multiple devices, cables and controllers despite me trying to simplify things with a Logitech all in one remote.

Have been thinking of soundbars as a solution now (my AV Amp won't passthrough 4k so its just being using as an optical input for audio now!).

I have some Sonos equipment in the house so the Beam or Arc are favourite at the moment (I'm guessing I can't use my existing sub with these??) plus some Ones as rears.

Questions are:-

1. My TV only has 4 HDMI inputs yet I have 5 devices (so currently would have to switch one when needed). If the soundbar connects to the eArc HDMI input on the TV, am I effectively down to only 3 inputs for my other devices? (just read that back and I guess I'm stating the obvious - what I meant was, will there be additional inputs on the soundbar to provide me with more HDMI inputs or am I going to have to get some kind of hub/switch?)

2. Would a soundbar set up simplify the remote situation for the family, ie can they switch on the TV with the LG Magic Remote and then the soundbar automatically spring into life and be controllable from a volume perspective that way?

Be grateful of any help so I can prepare for Black Friday :)

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You could purchase a switching hdmi hub , i have used one in the past and they work quite well. Some samsung bars have a few hdmi inputs and do give a decent sound if you are prepared to look outside the Sonus ecosystem.
In many ways you are really spoilt for choice for good quality soundbars, you have new players like the Arc along with the choice of several of last years top models from the likes of lg and samsung now available with significant discounts.

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