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Hi all. This has been keeping me up at night :) and not sure what the correct solution is. (Pictures attached for visual reference)

  • I had planned on having my TV and soundbar in the same 'zone' in my media unit
  • The zone is 1000mm top to bottom
  • The TV is a 65", and is 840mm top to bottom
  • The soundbar I would like (not purchased yet) is 80mm tall (I was looking at a Sony HT-A5000 or HT-A7000 - so up-firing speakers)
  • Using a 30mm between the top of the zone, and the top of the TV, that leaves only 50mm between the bottom of the TV and the top of the soundbar (I could drop that to 20mm, and then the TV to soundbar gap would be 60mm... If that helps?)
  • The soundbar is 140mm deep (the shelf is 180mm deep)
  • The TV will 'probably' protrude from the back by about 100-110mm
  • That means: (if my numbers are right), with the soundbar at the front edge of the shelf, 70mm of the soundbar will be directly 'under' the TV...

I have tried to show in the photos. I 'dummied up' the lower edge of the TV and the height of the soundbar to try to show the gaps I am talking about.


1) Would that location destroy the benefits of having up-firing speakers?
2) Should I go with a lower channel count soundbar. One that doesn't have up-firing speakers (Sony HT-X8500 2.1 that claims to virtually upscale to 7.1.2)
3) Remove the shelf where the sound bar was going to sit, to give it more breathing room under the TV?
(note: I can't make use of a sub-woofer in the flat I am in; so that's not an option sadly)

Any and all suggestions are welcome please! Thanks.


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You want the sound to bounce off the ceiling. Having the soundbar where it is semi shows that and won’t get full true Dolby atmos sound as the up sounding speakers are restricted.
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