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I'm considering these TVs and would like to know which Soundbar to get or if I should get 5.1

Panasonic 42 GT50
Panasonic 50 GT50
Panasonic 50 ST50
Samsung 51 E6500

The budget for the sound is £300 tops, pref £250

Any help appreciated.

Thank you


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If you want surround sound then there is no substitute for a proper 5.1 system. A soundbar will be an improvement on the TV sound but not as good as a 5.1 system.
Hence I would look at the Yamaha 196 as a good option that is well under budget. There are a couple of Onkyo system (3305 I think) but I think these may be just over budget.


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I'll take a look at both thanks.... do you happen to know how many inputs I can have? I'll want two, one from Sky HD and one from Blueray/DVD. ?

Read briefly that the Yamaha can overheat? Is there a product update?


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