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I've decided to buy a soundbar for my tv... unfortunately it's only a 32" tv which means most I have looked at online are too long for my unit. Any recommendations on which one to get? I'd like one that also allows me to connect an ipod or other MP3 player if need be. I was looking at the roth audio bar 1 which Tesco are doing for under £200 (which seemed a good deal). Anyone used this one before?

I was hoping to get one for less than around £250

Cheers in advance


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That's a pretty big TV you've got there. :eek:

To answer your question, no I haven't heard that one before. Have you considered the Boston Acoustics TVee Model 25 which would suit a 32" television perfectly, fits your budget and has a wireless subwoofer?

We had the TVee30 in the shop a few months ago and it sounded pretty good.


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