Soundbar Faceoff - LG's Vs Bose's

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    Hi folks.

    I'm looking for some level headed help if at all possible.
    I'm in the market for a sound bar, ideally a decent high end one.
    I've read lots of reviews and been around a lot of shops listening and playing but still torn.

    Firstly to get the elephant out of the room. I went in Richer Sounds and had a demo of the YSP2500 which is universally praised. And tbh, I wasnt remotely blown away. There was little to no surround effect, it wasnt that punchy and didnt handle my music through BT all that well.
    For £750 it seemed over priced.

    Having whitled a number of others down I have got it down to 4 options with 2 price points.

    Lower price points - LG HS7 Vs Bose Cinemate 15
    Higher price points - LG HS9 Vs Bose Cinemate 120

    I've had the demo in store with both the Bose units and my thoughts are:
    Nicely small units.
    Decent sound and volume.
    Good to great surround effect (especially 120)
    Utterly rubbish connectivity. No BT, Wifi an extra cost on top of very expensive start price and even then, you have to have a personal app account with your equipment to use it.

    The LG's have been shelf time only so no experience with their sound processing, I cant tell if they'd compete with Bose for the surround effect.
    Hooking music up wirelessly took seconds on was good on the HS7 and utterly immense on the 9

    Has any one got an HS7/9 at home that can comment on the surround features?
    They're on offer with free additional wireless speakers at the moment.


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